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Activities during COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Proactively working With Block administration in reaching the deliverables to the community.

  • Tracking the migrants who are coming from other Districts and State

  • Assisting in management of quarantine facilities at GP level/ Medical centres and migrants coming from outside are home quarantine.

  • Taking care of families under home quarantine and ensuring that they don’t face any ostracisation.

  • Ensuring proper delivery of Govt. COVID-19 Package schemes like PDS, Meals given by SHG, Pensions etc.

  • Monitoring & technical support to Block administration/ PRI members for smooth implementation of quarantine Centre for return Migration.

  • Facilitating Sell of vegetables collected by Producer Group members of Khaprakhol block where they have sold 100 quintal of vegetables worth Rs 3 lacs in different villages and town of Bolangir district with the support of District Administration, ORMAS and Block administration.

  • Distribution of 3000 soaps to create awareness and sensitize on handwashing, behavioral change.

  • Distribution of mask to 1550 HH.

  • Awareness given to communities on Handwashing, social distancing, wearing of mask etc.

  • Planning meeting with AWW and ASHA for mitigation of COVID-19 in village level.

  • Distribution of Ration Kit to 550 vulnerable families with the support of BRLF and Jiv Daya Foundation in Bolangir District.

  • Distribution of Food to Stray animal in Patnagarh, in collaboration with NAC Patnagarh, Govt. of Odisha.

  • IEC Material (Wall Painting) for prevention of COVID-19, in collaboration with Voluntary Health Association of India (VHAI).

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